Baz Luhrmann’s Australia extended cut re-edited into limited series Faraway Downs

Baz Luhrmann's Australia extended cut re-edited into limited series Faraway Downs


Apart from the absolutely stunning views captured by elvis Some memorable things about director Baz Luhrmann, his 2008 epic Australia How long was blooming, and now it’s about to go even further on the horizon of that sun, with the news that his extended cut of the film is about to be rewritten in a limited series called faraway downs,

report deadline faraway downs Will premiere in the US as a Hulu Original, and on the international Disney streaming platform as a six-part limited series later this winter.

In a statement, Luhrmann said “I was basically ready to take the notion of the broader”. gone With the Wind Epic style and turn on its head. One way to use romance and epic drama to shed light on the roles of First Nations peoples and the painful mark in Australian history of ‘stolen generations’. whereas Australia The film has a life of its own, this story had another story; An episodic format with varying layers, nuances and even alternate storylines has allowed us to explore. Made from the same material, faraway downs There’s a new change Australia To find the audience. ,


Established in northern Australia before World War II, Australia Lady Sarah was about an English aristocrat named Ashley (Nicole Kidman) who inherits a vast farm and reluctantly goes to the public to protect her new property from a plot of takeover known as Drover (Hugh Jackman). Rugged works closely with Local. As the pair set out to drive a 2,000-strong herd of cattle across an unforgiving landscape, they experience the bombing of Darwin, Australia by Japanese forces.

Theatrical cut of, released in November 2008 Australia reviewed occasionally, Currently sitting at 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, while its tremendous box-office performance saw it crawl over the $200M mark worldwide. barely gone With the Wind numbers.

Although the director’s cut can sometimes improve the film, take Kingdom of heaven, alien 3and also batman vs superman As an example of this, it will therefore be interesting to see how the story benefits from this new format of an expanded, episodic version of the story, as well as footage captured in 2008, with a new ending and updated soundtrack.

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Faraway Downs will be released exclusively as a Hulu Original in the US, as a Star Original on Disney+, and on Star+ in international markets this winter.

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