Becoming Elizabeth Episode 4 Recap: “Lightening Our Darkness”

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 4 Recap
elizabeth banna episode 4 recap
Romola Garai and Alicia von Ritberg in ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ Episode 4 (Photo Credits: Starz)

as Starz to be elizabeth Episode four opens, with Princess Elizabeth (Alicia von Rietberg) attempting to settle in for life at Cheshunt Manor. Episode three ends with Katherine Parr sending Elizabeth after finding Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour in a compromising position. Elizabeth is now paying the price of being so naive as to be falling for Catherine’s new husband.

Cheshunt Manor is the home of Elizabeth’s Lady in Waiting Cat Ashley’s sister Jane and her brother-in-law Anthony Denny. After a few weeks in residence, Kat (Alexandra Gilbreth) suggests that Elizabeth leave her harasser at Chelsea Manor behind, but Elizabeth’s mood turns sour and is fixated on Katherine as she moves in with the Denny family. Sits down for dinner.

Anthony Denny believes he is almost family to Elizabeth, noting that he was a good friend with her father and the king when he died. Elizabeth thinks that Anthony Denny has withheld letters from Katherine Paar, but Anthony assures that Katherine has not.

Later, Elizabeth admits that her period is late and she is worried. Kat reminds him that she has never been a regular, but Elizabeth thinks she is pregnant. Kat confesses that she did not know that Elizabeth slept with Thomas, and Elizabeth confirmed that she had sex with Thomas more than once.

Elizabeth wants to get rid of the child but Kat orders her to stop talking about it. If Elizabeth doesn’t have a period soon, Kat will know what to do.

Elsewhere, King Edward VI’s men planned to destroy Catholic churches and steal anything valuable.

King Edward (Oliver Zetterstrom) is determined to bring true faith to all his people, with Catherine Parr (Jessica Raine) and Thomas Seymour (Tom Cullen) announcing this new campaign. Edward Seymour was less enthusiastic than his brother about trying to rid England of Catholics and convert them to Protestantism. He is only allowing King Edward to act on his desire to please her.

Henry Gray gossiped about Princess Elizabeth’s absence while King Edward leads the court in prayer. Henry hints that something nefarious is happening and the tongue is wagging.

Once back at home, Katherine’s true disdain for her husband comes to the fore when she talks to Lady Jane (Bella Ramsey) that she must leave him behind when she goes to court. Had Jane been with him, Elizabeth’s absence would have been even more noticeable.

Katherine reveals that Elizabeth writes in every week but she never answers. “This is what you made of me,” says Elizabeth, annoyed by Thomas. “I have lost all compassion for a child … a babyThomas!”

Princess Mary (Romola Garai) makes an unexpected appearance at Cheshunt Manor with Sir Pedro. Mary and Elizabeth have a long conversation as they walk the field, and Mary asks her sister if she knows what people are saying about her. Elizabeth apologizes for the letter she wrote, and Mary suggests that Elizabeth try to hear people with more experience next time.

Mary believes that what Elizabeth said has happened. Mary thinks this is all Catherine Parr is doing but Elizabeth admits that she had not consulted Catherine before writing the letter.

They discuss why Elizabeth is hiding in the country and it is clear that Mary has no idea what is going on. Mary wants Elizabeth to return to court, and Elizabeth claims she does not know who decided to send her to Cheshunt Manor or if she is free to leave.

Elizabeth wonders what Anthony Denny was told (or knows about) and Mary is confused. Elizabeth goes into a tizzy and holds Mary, demanding to know what to know. When Elizabeth doesn’t answer, Mary finds out and tells her sister to believe only in God. She does not want Elizabeth to say out loud that what Mary has now concluded is the reason for her sister’s exile.

Mary explains that everyone wants them to have differences, and she doesn’t want Elizabeth to say anything she will eventually regret. Mary says, “Don’t give me the power to destroy you and then tell me not to use it.”

elizabeth banna episode 4 recap
Romola Garai and Oliver Zetterstrom in ‘Being Elizabeth’ Episode 4 (Photo Credits: Starz)

Princess Mary’s next visit is from her brother. She tells him that she doesn’t want war and doesn’t want any bad feelings between herself, her brother or her sister. King Edward claims that Elizabeth abandoned him and Robert Dudley (Jamie Blakely) states that he is clearly unwell. Mary clears it up and says that Elizabeth is not hiding or ill.

Edward Seymour reminded King Edward that he had told him not to listen to court gossip. Mary, who has no patience for Seymour, wonders why Edward allowed the gossip to spread in the first place.

Mary wants to do something fun with her brother and Edward seems excited by the idea.

After a while they see the cocks fighting and cheering while Pedro and Edward Seymour stand out from the crowd. It is confirmed in a whispered conversation that Sir Pedro is spying on Princess Mary for Edward Seymour. Pedro explains what he has learned and Edward takes the information and then asks if Mary is rebelling further with the recently freed Bishop Gardiner. (Apparently, Pedro’s letter to Edward seemed to suggest that they were colluding.)

A tense conversation ensues between Princess Mary and her stepmother, and Mary reveals that she thinks Catherine is an idiot for marrying Thomas Seymour. Mary respected and loved Catherine, but she turned to hatred and now pity.

Henry Gray and Robert Dudley exchange words and almost get into a fight after Henry insults Princess Elizabeth and calls her a sick prostitute. John Dudley shoos his son away and warns him that he could lose his hand if he had killed Grey. Dudley suggests that his son forget his feelings for Princess Elizabeth.

Robert Dudley heads to Cheshunt Manor and Elizabeth initially seems like a standoff. Luckily, she warms to her friend and they catch up with what’s happening on the court. It’s clear how much Robert cares for Elizabeth, but it goes unsaid when he goes back to court.

Later, Elizabeth breathes a sigh of relief after her period arrives.

Sir Pedro takes Princess Mary to a church to see the damage done by King Edward’s men. One priest lost his eye guarding the church, and Mary assures him that the Lord sees everything he does for her.

elizabeth banna episode 4 recap
Jessica Raine and Tom Cullen in ‘Being Elizabeth’ Episode 4 (Photo Credits: Starz)

Viewers are treated to a shot from behind naked Edward Seymour jumping into a lake. Later, fully clothed, he gives his newborn daughter the crib and says that she is more than what she deserves. Katherine forgives him and Thomas is done with the way he holds her child as promised.

That evening Thomas goes out drinking and celebrates with his friends and his brother. Edward Seymour even manages to smile while getting drunk and toasting each other.

Thomas returns home, drunk, and learns that he is the last person in the house to find out that Katherine has died. She is already wrapped up for her funeral as her baby is crying in the background.

Edward Seymour proceeds through the court and King Edward scolds her for keeping her waiting. Angered by King Edward, he received an invitation from Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Dauphin to the wedding of France. He is upset that not only is Mary going to be his wife, but that the war is still going on.

Edward Seymour doesn’t care and eventually reveals that Katherine Parr has died.

Catherine’s will is read and her property will return to the Crown. However, Chelsea Place and other items will go directly to Princess Elizabeth who hears the news from Anthony Denny. Anthony confirmed that Princess Elizabeth is now the second richest woman in the country. (Princess Mary is the richest.)

Elizabeth is confused as to who she will be with now, and Anthony says no. Of course, there would be useless advisors (his words) but Elizabeth would be in charge of herself. “I’m sure you’re quite capable of making your own decisions,” says Anthony.

Henry Gray filled his daughters Jane and Thomas Seymour with the shock of his passing. Without Catherine, Henry has no intention of leaving Jane with Thomas.

Edward tells his brother that he will be taken with him and Thomas does not argue. Thomas confesses that he thought of Catherine’s death and wonders if he “brought it into existence.” Edward admits that he even contemplated the death of his wife when their children were born and believes that it is natural to do so in order to prepare himself for what should happen during childbirth.

Anthony Denny heads back to Chelsea Manor with Princess Elizabeth along with Cat Ashley and other members of her household. Much of the furniture has been removed and Elizabeth walks through the rooms, touching the leftovers. She opens a desk drawer and inside it are all the letters she wrote to Katherine. They have been opened, so she now knows that Katherine did indeed receive them but chooses not to answer.

Anthony suggests that Princess Elizabeth consider what she really wants and not hide it from herself. If he cares about rumours, he should stop them. Her father never cared about the rumours and he shouldn’t either.

Princess Elizabeth returns to court and demands an audience with her brother. She apologizes to him for neglecting her duties, and then lies that she became ill, but now she is back and has committed herself to him. She believes in her presence, putting an end to all the hurtful rumours.

Elizabeth says, “I am yours and yours alone.”

King Edward turns to his sister and helps her get back on her feet. “The Crown forgives your absence and welcomes your return.”

Princess Mary is in the church whose holy relics were taken away when Sir Pedro finally admits that he was sent by the Lord Protector to spy on her. Marie is shocked that Pedro betrayed her and she reveals that he is now telling the truth as she has learned that she is honest and pious, unlike the men she supported.

While King Edward calls for celebration and music for Princess Elizabeth’s cause, Princess Mary risks her brother’s wrath by holding a Catholic mass.

The episode ends with Thomas Seymour whispering in Elizabeth’s ear to “marry me”.

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