Big Breaking- Dengue cases on rise in Jammu


In the Jammu region, at least 13 people have died from dengue, including one at DMC Ludhiana, while the total number of infected people in the area has reached 6048.

An official stated, “A person from Rajouri was referred to DMC Ludhiana for specialised treatment but did not survive.”

Two other dengue patients perished in GMC Jammu. Thirteen people have died of dengue thus far.

The authorities stated: “Although hospital admissions had decreased, at least 31 newly infected patients with dengue were admitted in hospitals throughout the Jammu region, bringing the total number of admitted patients to 90.”

They reported that the Government Gandhi Nagar Hospital had 48 suspected cases, the SMGS Hospital Shalamar had 48 suspected cases, and the GMC Jammu had 28 admissions.

According to the government spokesman, JMC Mayor Rajinder Sharma initiated the fogging campaign from MA Stadium to cover the areas where a significant number of dengue cases have been detected.

Rehari, Paloura, Janipur, Sarwal, Rajpura, Subashnagar, New Plot, Roopnagar, Talab Tillo, Bakshinagar, Muthi, Gandhinagar, and Channi Himmat, according to him, were among the locations covered during the drive.

The fogging drives will be carried out in all wards of the MC in the upcoming days in cooperation with the anti-malaria division of the health department Jammu, the spokesman said.

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