Black Bird series review: A riveting true-crime drama

Black Bird Taron Egerton
Black Bird Taron Egerton
Paul Walter Hauser and Taron Egerton in ‘Black Bird’ (Photo Credits: Apple TV+)

Nothing you need to know about the true events that inspired Apple TV+ black bird Before watching the riveting limited series. And, oddly enough, you don’t even need to be a true-crime fanatic to be caught up in this absorbing, incredibly intense drama based on James Keane. In With the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption,

The six-episode limited series tells the story of Jimmy Keene, starring Taron Egerton (rocket Man) Suspected serial killer Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser, Richard Jewell) in believing that he has a sympathetic ear and potential friend. How Jimmy goes from being the kid of a cop who crosses the line, winds up in prison, and is approached by the FBI to befriend a mentally disturbed Hall, is a doozy of a story and a Which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The series establishes Jimmy as a decent enough person, well-spoken and a rising figure in the drug world. He’s a ladies man with charm, but his intelligence and upbringing as the son of a popular cop doesn’t save him from paying for a life of crime with a 10-year prison sentence.

Jimmy is quick on his feet and able to adapt to most situations, and that – along with his natural resemblance – makes him the perfect candidate to take part in a special top-secret operation. If Jimmy agrees to transfer to a maximum-security prison, and if he can worm his way into Hall’s trust, he has the potential to take time off from his sentence.

However, there are some catches. If Jimmy does the trick, only a few people inside will be in suspense and it can be quite dangerous. In addition, FBI Agent Lauren McCauley (Sipideh Mophie, deuce) takes the other prisoners into account for the deal and Jimmy must pass a series of tests in order to be considered.

Jimmy’s reluctance goes away and he has a stroke after his father (played by the excellent Ray Liotta in one of his last roles). As Jimmy studies Hall’s background and the murders he suspects, we are shown details of Hall’s life and the investigation by Agent McCauley and Detective Brian Miller (Greg Kinnear). Shining Vale) We also learn that while Hall is the prime suspect, it has been incredibly difficult to prove that he is involved in over a dozen murders because he is a serial confessor.

Law enforcement cannot impose anything on Hall as he always backs down after confessing. Additionally, his brothers and others who know him think he’s a harmless buffoon who likes Civil War reenactments and tends to make stuff up just to get attention.

McCauley and Miller are certain they’ve found the right man, but with Larry Hall in prison for just one murder—and with the prospect of an appeal likely to set him free—it is inevitable that they find him someone who is. Talk to someone he trusts he can trust. To be honest, Jimmy Keene is his last hope.

Black Bird Limited Series
Greg Kinnear as Sepideh Mophie and Brian Miller as Lauren McCauley (Photo Credits: Apple TV+)

Dennis Lehane, author of shutter Island, Mystic RiverAnd gone baby gone, clearly knows how to tell an absorbing story. Lehane is also an expert in character development and specializes in writing a story without unnecessary embellishments or distractions. Here, Lehane takes James Keane’s memoir and turns it into compelling television. Each episode is well scripted, incredibly well acted, and absolutely riveting.

black bird Featuring a first-class cast, with Egerton and Hauser providing the series with some of its most impressive moments. There is no false note given by the talented actor, and this is especially true when Egerton demonstrates the emotional impact of listening to the psychotic Hall describe his crimes.

The title makes reference to a bird, but the limited series is actually a cat-and-mouse game of Egerton’s Jimmy and Hauser’s Larry challenging each other, the end result of which determines the rest of their lives. Is.

black bird Will premiere on 8 July 2022 on Apple TV+.

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