BTS’ J-Hope announces ‘Jack in the Box’ solo album

J-Hope Jack in the Box
J-Hope Jack in the Box
J-Hope announces ‘Jack in the Box’ solo album (Photo Credits: Big Hit Music)

J-Hope of BTS ready to release solo album Jack in the Box On July 15, 2022. J-Hope’s label, Big Hit Music, made the announcement on Weavers, after which J-Hope posted a video on his Instagram announcing the upcoming album. The album’s first single will be released on Friday, July 1, however, there is no official word yet on its title.

Soon after the news, fans across the world took to social media to comment on J-Hope and . showed his enthusiasm with Jack in the Box Trending on Twitter all over the world.

,Jack in the Box Voices J-Hope’s aspirations to break the mold and move on. The album represents J-Hope’s own musical personality and vision as an artist,” according to Big Hit.

the release of Jack in the Box Will make J-Hope the first BTS member to start “BTS Chapter 2”. On June 13, BTS held a dinner party to celebrate their nine-year anniversary and there they announced to fans that the members would be releasing a solo album. BTS made it clear that this is not the breakup of the globally popular group, but that they are taking a break to discover themselves individually. It was also clarified that there will still be group activities.

The group’s rap members – RM, SUGA, and J-Hope – have previously released solo work they called mixtapes, but this would be the first time other members would release solo albums. BTS member and group leader, RM noted that these albums would be and differ from mixtapes released in the past.

Although it was announced that J-Hope would be the first member to embark on a solo adventure, the group did not specify which member would release next or what the proposed album release schedule would look like. However, BTS’ Jin stated that he would probably be the last one to be released – but this was not confirmed by their label.

J-Hope is set to make her solo stage debut at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Lollapalooza, where she will be a headliner. His appearance will mark the first time a Korean artist will headline a major American music festival on stage on Sunday, July 31. The news about their first solo stage show was announced on June 6, 2022, before the group announced their temporary break.

as reported by DiversityPerry Farrell, singer-songwriter/frontman for Jane’s Addiction Band and founder of Lollapalooza, commented on his enthusiasm for performing at J-Hope’s festival.

“I’m delighted to welcome J-Hope and TomorrowX together to the Lollapalooza family,” Farrell said. “These artists have been given great gifts in communication. Their global audiences speak different languages, but they have an intense passion for music. Lola is the place where all music genres live in harmony. It is the global phenomenon of K-pop. He is a superstar of the phenomenon, and we are very excited to have him in this year’s festivities.”

Tomorrow x Together is labelmate with BTS at Big Hit Music and will perform on Saturday, July 30.

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