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Congress blames Punjab government for Sidhu’s murder; Demand for FIR, resignation of CM



Congress blames Punjab government for Sidhu's murder;  Demand for FIR, resignation of CM

The Congress demanded registration of an FIR against Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann for taking back the security cover from famous singer and Congress leader Sidhu Musewala, due to which he was killed by gunmen the very next day after the security was withdrawn.

Addressing a press conference at the party office here today, JKPCC chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir, along with senior Congress leaders Raman Bhalla, Ravinder Sharma and Yogesh Sahni, called on AAP in Punjab to deal with the deteriorating law and order situation in the state and the negligence. Strongly criticized the government. As a result of which a famous singer and prominent Congress leader Sidhu Musewala died in broad daylight due to withdrawal of security.

Strongly opposing the politics of vendetta and shoddy publicity stunts on the sensitive issue of security by Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to expose prominent personalities and opposition leaders to the designs of anti-social and anti-national elements, Mir said Sidhu An FIR should be registered against the Chief Minister of Punjab and others responsible for withdrawing the security for the murder. The Chief Minister should be asked to step down. Heartfelt tributes were paid to the departed leader and prayers were offered for the departed soul.

Mir said that in sensitive states like Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir where they are the target of anti-national and anti-social elements, there should be no compromise in the matter of security of all prominent leaders and other vulnerable persons.

Hitting out at the failure of the Modi government on various fronts during the last eight years of rule at the Centre, Mir referred to the various failures of the Modi government, especially in the case of massive unemployment, unprecedented price rise, tax terrorism. Apart from the overall law and order situation in the country, distress among farmers. He said that the prices of all items of common use have doubled or more than the reach of common man in eight years. He said that the Modi government has earned about Rs 27.50 lakh crore on petrol and diesel alone. He said that in April 2022, the wholesale price growth was 15.08 per cent which is the highest in the last 30 years.

The JKPCC chief further said that ‘Nav Sankalp Shivar’ is being organized at Patnitop from May 31 to June 2, 2022 to discuss the issues of the people in Jammu and Kashmir. The leaders of both the regions will arrive tomorrow and the formal inauguration will take place on June 1, 2022, where top leaders of J&K and senior AICC people will participate.
Meanwhile, the State Youth Congress today held a strong protest against the brutal murder of famous Punjab singer and party leader Sidhu Musewala, terming it a political murder.
Led by J&K PYC President Uday Chib, party workers gathered in front of Aam Aadmi Party head office in Jammu and raised slogans against Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann.
Talking to reporters, Uday Chhib condemned the brutal killing of Sidhu, saying it was a political murder that was conceived and carried out under a proper conspiracy. He blamed the Punjab CM solely for his murder. He had said two days ago that Musewala’s security had been withdrawn, without assessing his threat perception. “Musewala was not only a political leader, he was an internationally acclaimed singer who should have been provided additional security,” he said, asserting that there was a deeper conspiracy behind his murder.

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Thousands of students are at risk as 300 Jammu and Kashmir schools are scheduled to close.



Thousands of students are at risk as 300 Jammu and Kashmir schools are scheduled to close.

According to local media, the State Investigative Agency (SIA) discovered these schools were implicated in the civilian uprising in Kashmir in 2010 and 2016.

Huzaif Ahmad, a 14-year-old Class 9th student in Jammu & Kashmir’s Budgam district who aspires to be an engineer, is now facing an unclear future.

He is one of 600 pupils and instructors at a secondary school in Budgam who are concerned that their school will be closed due to its previous association with a trust affiliated to a banned party that has been targeted by the Jammu and Kashmir administration in a current operation.

The school, like many others, was delinked from the Falah-e-Aam Trust, re-registered, and taken over by local community management in 2017. However, according to sources, the secondary school is one of 20 in the Budgam area that may be closed.

Thousands of pupils in Jammu and Kashmir, like Huzaif, are unsure what will happen if the union territory administration’s intention to close down approximately 300 private schools reportedly linked to a trust affiliated with the banned Jama’at e Islami organisation is carried out.

The administration has directed school administrators to close the schools within the next 15 days. The decision was made after the State Investigation Agency (SIA) allegedly discovered these schools were related to the Jama’at-backed foundation.

Huzaif’s school houses 400 kids, the majority of whom come from low-income families from around Jammu and Kashmir. Those who can afford it pay a monthly price of 2,500 for tuition and boarding, according to a management official.

In addition to operating a religious seminary (madrasa), the school follows the Jammu and Kashmir education board’s syllabus as well as the European Cambridge curriculum.

“We are following the curriculum developed and approved by the state board of education. We teach the Cambridge series up to class fifth, which is highly modern and connected to the modern era “Saleem Sidique, a teacher, agreed.

According to the ruling, all schools affiliated with the Jama’at-related trust have had their recognition revoked. The government labelled the Jama’at-e-Islami, a political-religious party, a prohibited organisation in 2019.

All district superintendents have been directed to close these institutions within 15 days and transfer pupils to government-run schools.

According to local media sources, the SIA discovered these schools were involved in the civilian unrest in Kashmir in 2010 and 2016, as well as teaching Jihadi literature.

According to the Falah Aam Trust, only seven schools are directly associated with them, and it denies any involvement in subversive or separatist activity.

“We have no idea why we were prohibited. We solely follow a government-approved curriculum and obey government orders “Showkat Ahmad Var, Director of Falah Aam Trust, stated

He stated that, with the exception of seven institutions, the trust has no administrative or academic influence over any other school.

Sajad Lone, head of the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference, has called the move racist and claimed that the government is deliberately targeting Kashmiris.

“Selectively targeting institutions with religious affiliations is both unfair and unjust. The administration must recognise that J&K is a Muslim-majority state. They cannot ban every institution because they are biassed against Muslims “Mr Lone stated.

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Is Jammu Safe To Live, Visit Or Travel for Toursits in 2022?



Is Jammu Safe To Live, Visit Or Travel for Toursits in 2022?

Many people believe Jammu and Kashmir are the same place. However, the two are separated by around 300 kilometres. What people have heard about Jammu and Kashmir is correct, but just for Kashmir. Jammu is a more safer location than Kashmir. There are still people living there. This is, in my opinion, a contentious issue.

Jammu is a pleasant city to reside in. People are being told that it is unsafe because of terrorists, but this is not true. People who live there say that they are grateful to have been born there, that the people of J K are wonderful, and that people should travel there to study for a higher education.

Is Jammu Safe To Live, Visit Or Travel for Toursits in 2022?

Raghunath Temple

Jammu and Ladakh are completely quiet, well, I realise that Kashmir is usually troubled throughout the year, but only in some areas of Kashmir.

The distance between Jammu and Kashmir provinces is above 300 kilometres. So you may be confident that you will be completely protected.

So, go to Jammu, the city of temples, pay a visit to Mata Vaishno Devi, view the Ragunath mart and shrine, shop for excellent shawls and garments in parade, and eat at Pehlwaan’s. You will undoubtedly enjoy it.

Let me say it again: Jammu city is like any other tranquil city. Terrorists are not present in Jammu. Nobody carries a rifle or a handful of stones in their hands. Jammu has a distinct history and topography than Kashmir, and the terrorist incidents you hear about happen in Kashmir, which is 263 kilometres away (believe me, you won’t hear any gunshots in Jammu). Border areas, like any other part of India, are an exception.

Mata Vaishno Devi Track

The temperature can reach 46°C in the summer and seldom drops below 4°C in the winter. And there is no snow in the city.

During daytime hours, Jammu is completely secure (it is one of the safest cities in the world). And, just like anywhere else, you must be cautious about your safety at night.

Jammu is where I call home. I’ve never been subjected to eveteasing or anything like. You may have heard of Asifa, an 8-year-old girl who was brutally raped (although it was the first time I heard about rape in Jammu, and it was a minor rape). And the location of this horrifying tragedy was a very rural community. Despite the fact that the area of Kathua is connected with it, it is a very safe location surrounded by helpful people.)

When compared to Delhi, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh, the crime rate is quite low. The climate is comparable to that of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Punjab.

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Tamdeh Festival in Jammu 2022 Date & All You Need To Know!



Tamdeh Festival in Jammu 2022 Date & All You Need To Know!

Tamdeh is one of the most important holidays in the Duggar tradition, and it is celebrated with tremendous delight and fervour on Ashad Sankranti. It is believed that the Sun (Surya) is the Chief of the grahas, and that it stays in each zodiac sign (Rashis) for a month before changing 12 zodiac signs in a year.

As a result, there are 12 Sankrantis throughout the year, during which the Sun resides in various zodiac signs and constellations, influencing human actions and activities. For the Dogras, every Sankranti is a holy day, and people, especially ladies, believe it auspicious to fast and pray on this day.

The Sun, which is considered the source of all energy for this globe, is through various changes on this day. Ashad Sankranti is the day on which Tamdeh is commemorated. The name ‘Tamdey’ is thought to be derived from the Hindi word ‘Dharam Dhiada,’ which means’religious day.’ Worshiping the Sun God is especially helpful on this day and is said to bring good fortune to the family.

When this day arrives, people, including children, bathe in a holy river or lake and present water to the Sun God in exchange for family prosperity and good health.

Offering red flowers to God, praying with copper utensils, and donating garments, grains, fruits, and money to the poor are all considered auspicious. When it comes to sun worship and devotion, red is the colour of choice.

Brahmins are also invited to eat and receive dakshina. Aside from its religious importance, pitchers, hand fans, utensils, fruits, sugar, grains, steel containers for storing flour/rice, and other items are presented to married daughters and sisters on this eve.

Local potters in the villages used to provide as many earthen pitchers to each home as the number of daughters they had married in the beautiful days gone by.

As they usually visited their paternal houses on this day, these pitchers would be filled with grains, sugar, or locally manufactured jaggery and then handed to them. The potter was given grains or money in exchange. It used to be a time for the girls to travel long distances to see their parents, siblings, and other relatives, as well as a time of celebration for the entire family. People used to present the married daughters of their neighbours something on this joyous occasion since people’s relationships were fairly informal and strong back then.

While married daughters were given pitchers and other gifts on this day, unmarried daughters sow grains, pulses, and other seeds in the ‘Raadas’ in the broken pitchers’ necks, water them every morning after a bath, decorate them with locally made biodegradable colours & cook delicious food every Sunday, sing and enjoy amidst fun and frolic, and finally immerse them in the rivers and streams on the eve of the Minjraan festival on Saavan However, it is unfortunate that this important event, which was previously celebrated with tremendous zeal, is losing its allure among the younger population.

Though this holiday is observed in cities as well, the excitement, passion, and ardour exhibited in rural areas are seldom replicated in towns and cities. In today’s world, married girls are frequently given other valuable items instead of earthen pitchers, and the tradition of sowing Raades is only practised in a few rural houses.

In Dogra tradition, married daughters and sisters are known as Kuldevis and are given clay pots, steel utensils, sugar, and fruits in exchange for blessings for the family’s well-being. All of this leads to the straining of various relationships. This event is observed for a variety of reasons. There were limited modes of transportation, communication, and connectivity in the past.

As a result, there was no information about the well-being of diverse relationships. Such celebrations were once held to bring together distant relatives and share their joys and sorrows. Furthermore, because it was mango, muskmelons, and melons season, these fruits were also given to the married daughters and sisters.

Raades were seeded in the past to predict which crop will provide the most output in a given season. It was also a symbol of fertility and expansion. On this day, the atmosphere would be filled with excitement and energy as exquisite traditional Dogra food such as Keurs, Khamires, Babroos, Madra, Auria, and others were enjoyed with raw ‘Mango Chutney’ and pickle, among other things.

However, such socially significant festivals are losing their allure among the younger population. Today’s young are tied to their laptops, cellphones, video games, and other electronic devices, leaving little time to appreciate our culture and enjoy traditional festivals. It is the responsibility of parents to expose their children to our rich culture and urge them to participate actively in fairs and traditional festivals in order to preserve and convey our rich culture to future generations.

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