Darks Winds renewed for second season

Darks Winds renewed for second season

AMC has renewed its western noir series for a second season black windsJoe Zahn stars McClaren (done by) and is executive produced by Robert Redford and game of Thrones Author George RR Martin.

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black winds is a psychological thriller based on Liforn & Chee The novel series by mystery writer Tony Hillerman. The series was created by Graham Rowland with Chris Eyre (hide away) and stars McClaren as Lieutenants Joe Liforn and Keiowa Gordon (Roswell, New Mexico) as his new deputy Jim Chee in the Navajo Nation in the Southwest in the 1970s. The pair are tested as they investigate a double murder that makes them question their spiritual beliefs and that of each other.

“This lifetime creative team and artists have delivered something truly special black windsDan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks, said. “We look forward to sharing with fans the rest of this thrill ride from the first season and the second season on AMC and AMC+ next year with Joe LeForn and Jim Chee. Can’t wait to follow. Huge thanks to our entire production team and a special thanks to executive producers Robert Redford, George RR Martin, Chris Eyre and of course Zayn McClaren, who also lead the cast and are richly lauded for humanity, rights and everything they do. Brings knowledge of lived experiences. ,

black winds The six-episode season premiered on AMC on June 12. The series has so far earned decent reviews from critics and marks the biggest series launch ever for the network’s streaming service AMC+. The second season will air in 2023 for another six-episode season.


At a remote outpost of the Navajo Nation, tribal police lieutenant LeForn and his new deputy, Chi, battle forces of evil, leading each other and their own personal demons on a path to salvation.

black winds Jessica Matton, Dianna Allison, Rainn Wilson, Elva Guerra, Jeremiah Bitsui, Eugene Brave Rock and Noah Emmerich also star.

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