Emilia Clarke and George RR Martin confirm Jon Snow’s Game of Thrones sequel

Emilia Clarke and George RR Martin confirm Jon Snow's Game of Thrones sequel


Last week, news broke that HBO is in early development for a game of Thrones Sequel Starring Kit Harington, And Now Writer George R.R. Martin And Both game of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke shares her feelings on the spinoff.

one in 23 june blog postMartin confirmed that he is writing for the series, which is going by the working title of ice, The writer said that actor Harington met with him at his home in Santa Fe and worked with him and his team to “hammer out” the show’s story.

“Yeah, it was Kit Harrington who brought the idea to us,” Martin said. “I can’t tell you the names of the writers/listeners because that hasn’t been approved for release yet, but Kit brought them on their team too, and they’re great.”


In a separate confirmation, game of Thrones Actress Emilia Clarke offered her role on the spin-off in an interview with the BBC. A friend of series star Kit Harington said she is not involved, but the actor has spoken with her about it.

“He’s told me about it. And I know it exists. It’s happening,” said Clarke. “It’s made by Kit as far as I can understand, so he lands in it.” is above. So what you’ll be seeing, hopefully, if it does, is certified by Kit Harrington.

“No, I think I’m done,” Clarke said when asked about his interest in playing Daenerys again.

Now, we wait for Harrington himself to express his feelings on his spin-off series. In the meantime, let us know on our social channels if you’re looking forward ice,


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