Florence Pugh to lead East of Eden limited series with Zoe Kazan writing

Florence Pugh to lead East of Eden limited series with Zoe Kazan writing

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report deadline little Women Co-stars Florence Pugh and Zoe Kazan are reuniting east of edenA limited series based on the novels, Anonymous Content and Endeavor Content by John Steinbeck from Netflix.

east of eden The novel will explore the themes of trauma and repair; love and betrayal; duty and free will. The series will sketch an intimate portrait of the Trask family against a backdrop of immense historical forces — or, as Steinbeck put it, “my country.” The story and my story.”

Pugh will star as Kathy Ames, a young woman who tries to climb the social ladder no matter what means she uses to get there. Kazan will write and executive produce the series.

“I’m in love with her east of eden When I first read it in my teens. Since then, adapting Steinbeck’s novel—the great, sprawling, three-generation entirety—has been my dream,” Kazan said. “More than anything, I want to give full expression to the novel’s astonishing, eccentric antagonist, Cathy Ames. Florence Pugh is our dream Cathy; I can’t imagine a more thrilling actor to bring this character to life. The last Writing this limited series over the two years has been the creative high point of my life. I hope that with our partners at Netflix, Anonymous Content and Endeavor Content, we can do justice to this content – and to 21st century audiences Can shed new light on this.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a Kazan has adopted east of eden As Zoe Kazan’s grandfather Elia Kazan directed the 1955 film adaptation for Warner Bros., which helped launch the career of the great James Dean.


Kazan wrote earlier Ruby Sparks And Forest fire, She will begin the search for a director and casting for Netflix, Anonymous and the Endeavor Trask family.

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