Ghost ‘n Goblins meet Resident Evil Village in TEPPEN’s Super Spooky Village Expansion

Ghost 'n Goblins meet Resident Evil Village in TEPPEN's Super Spooky Village Expansion

halloween is early teppen As Super Spooky Village Expansion launches today and thanks to hordes of ghosts, ghosts and zombies Resident Evil Village And Ghost ‘n Goblins’, Watch the new trailer for this haunting new expansion below….


A humble village leader accepted a curse to bring his daughter back to life, but in doing so the villagers were turned into demonic creatures. This cursed leader kidnapped Ghost ‘n Goblins’ The Princess Prince intended to make her a perfect scapegoat to resurrect his dead daughter. fortunately, there is ghost n’ goblin Brave knight Arthur ready to save his beloved. Clad in his silver armor, Arthur will need to defeat the armies of the four noble families of the Resident Evil Village, Alsina Dimitrascu, Carl Heisenberg, Salvatore Moro, and Donna Beneviento.

Meanwhile, in a different card pack, White Cat Circus is preparing for its show and meets Felicia. Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers Revenge Willing to end his ‘game’ with the Four Lords.

A newly redesigned quest ability gives players the opportunity to level up their unit if certain conditions are met in battle. This feature enables players to build stronger decks and change the game, not to mention the outcome of the battle. New terms include playing a unit with an attacking power of four or more, playing a unit from ex-pocket, searching for a friendly unit, or sending a card from the deck to the graveyard.

In a new challenge, players who are brave enough can challenge the Four Lords to win prizes. Players who defeat Four Lords special missions over the next four weeks will be rewarded with special icons based on Lords.

log in teppen Now and help Sir Arthur save the Princess Prince from the Resident Evil Village.

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