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The Black Phone Movie Review
black phone movie review
The Grabber (Ethan Hawke) and Phinea Shaw (Mason Thames) in ‘The Black Phone’ (Photo © 2022 Universal Studios)

could black phone what to do for black balloons This done for red? ThisPennywise creeps in – a monstrous clown is hard to beat – but black phoneThe Grabber features solid competition between formidable opponents in films based on the twisted tales of Stephen King or his son Joe Hill. And as far as the balloons are concerned, both indicate that what is about to go down is going to be terrible.

black phoneSet in 1978, years before kids could use their cell phones to ask for help instantly. I would say it was a more innocent time but in truth the world was a scary place even then; We didn’t talk about it just because social media didn’t exist and sharing gossip wasn’t that easy.

The story centers on Phinney (Mason Thames), a sober 13-year-old with a hell of a pitching arm and the sister of a spirited child named Gwen (Madeleine McGraw). Finney is the target of a vicious group of school bullies, but luckily, one of the most intimidating members of his class has his back. Unfortunately, that kid — Robin (Miguel Cázarez Mora) — soon becomes the latest addition to the long list of kids snubbed by The Grabber (Ethan Hawke).

The grabber has been walking on roads overlooked by the authorities for years. There are so few clues as to who is behind all the kidnappings that it catches the attention of the police when Gwen talks about the black balloons. They keep important details about crime scenes secret – a common investigative tool used by law enforcement – ​​and among the items they have not disclosed were the remains of black balloons found at some abduction sites.

Gwen was not at the crime scene and has not read any police reports. Instead, Gwen learns of the black balloons and other details of the kidnapping in her dreams. Her dead mother also had the ability to tap into the spiritual realm, something that Gwen’s abusive, alcoholic father Terrence (Jeremy Davis) enrages and tries to get out of her.

Finney is no longer under Robin’s protection and is concerned about becoming The Grabber’s next victim when he encounters a strange character who claims to be a magician. Phinney’s Spidey sense begins very late and passes out before he can escape.

When Finney arrives, he is in a soundproofed basement with just a toilet, a mattress, and a strange black phone on the wall, which The Grabber insists doesn’t work. Of course, the title of the film will not black phone If said item was just an odd choice for set decoration.

When it rings, Phinney finds himself talking to the kids who were kidnapped before him. The phone connects Finney to a few teenagers who have experienced exactly what he is going through now, and they not only warn him about what is in store – torture and eventual death – but also give hints. What should he do to avoid sharing it? Luck.

black phoneThe three leads — Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, and Ethan Hawke — are excellent, with Thames and McGraw perfectly holding that teenage brother, Us Against the World vibe. Gwen is a true force of nature and her personality balances her older brother’s shyness, and the way both Thames and McGraw bring these polar opposites to life makes black phone Feel grounded in reality despite the fictional elements of the story.

Ethan Hawke plays his normal decent man missing out on the part of a mad serial killer. Hawke’s The Grabber has such a menacing, nightmare-inducing presence that it barely registers its face, hidden under strange masks for the entirety of the film.

black phone“A really frightening film that relies less on jump scares – though there is a good amount of them – and more on the truly terrifying, believable threat of a tragic killer targeting children.” Supernatural elements are subtly incorporated into the story and the unexpected, gruesome appearance of the dead children as they speak to the Finney Up’s creepiness factor that was already at a high, which is the excellent game sported by The Grabber. This was due to the visibly disturbing mask (designed by Tom Ashwini). ,

Writer/Director Scott Derrickson (frightening, Doctor Strange) exited Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to the top black phone, which is based on Hill’s short story. Derrickson, who describes black phone As his most personal film to date, made a wise decision to pass on the disappointing Doctor Strange Sequel and delve into this unexpectedly uplifting yet completely twisted story. Saying no to Marvel may not have been an easy career choice, but it was just the right call to reunite with Ethan Hawke for this crowd-sourced horror thriller.

grade B

MPAA rating: R for certain drug use, language, bloody images and violence

Running time: 1 hour 42 minutes

Written by: Scott Derrickson and C Robert Cargill

Release date: June 24, 2022

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