Godzilla and the Titans series features Kirsie Clemons and more

Godzilla and the Titans series features Kirsie Clemons and more

Apple TV+ announces the first round of casting for its MonsterVerse godzilla Chain. Currently untitled, the series will focus on Godzilla and Titans with Keirsey Clemons (flamboyant), Anna Sawai (pachinko), Joe Tippett (Easttown’s Mare), Alyssa Lasowski (Versailles) and Ren Watabe in his onscreen debut.


The series will explore “the aftermath of the thunder battle between Godzilla and the Titans that leveled San Francisco and the startling new reality that monsters are real” and “the journey of a family to uncover their buried secrets and give them a secret.” Known as the legacy that connects the organization. As the emperor.”

Clemons will play May, “an American ex-pat with an evil exterior that he uses to protect himself and others. Whether it is decrypting a code or finding flaws, she is always three steps ahead of everyone around her. ,

Sawai will play Kate, “a former schoolteacher and G-Day survivor, she travels to Japan to settle family matters, but uncovers a family secret instead. Tired of running away from her problems, she determined to find the answer.”

Tippett would be Tim, “an office drone that dreams of secret agent adventure. His overconfidence puts him in trouble on the field, but he’s determined not to fail his organization.”

Lasowski will portray Duvall, “an expert operator who has an unwavering belief in herself and her skills. She also has a quirky sense of humor, which she uses to guide her less field-oriented colleague.”

Watabe will play Kentaro, “an intelligent, creative and curious young man who is yet to find his way. He will embark on a quest to learn more about his revered but mysterious father and discover his talents in the process. ,


Legendary’s series out of the Monsterverse franchise began in 2014. godzilla and continued Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Demons And godzilla vs kong, Matt Shuckman (wandavision) will direct the first two episodes of the series which is co-produced by Chris Black and Matt Fraction. Black will serve as showrunner, while he and Fraction Safehouse Pictures will also executive producers along with Joby Harold and Tory Turnell and Takemasa Arita of Toho Co., Ltd., which owns the Godzilla character.

This isn’t the only Monsterverse project currently in development as a sequel. godzilla vs kong Recently a 2024 release date has been given and Netflix recently released a first-look teaser image for its anime series skull island,


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