Godzilla vs Kong sequel set for 2024

Godzilla vs Kong sequel set for 2024

Godzilla and King Kong set to match again as Warner Bros. gives release date godzilla vs kong sequel. Monsterverse movie is scheduled for March 15, 2024.


The sequel will be released almost three years after last year godzilla vs kong, which saw two titans fighting for supremacy and survival on Earth. Despite being one of the first films in The WB’s day-to-day release strategy on HBO Max during the pandemic, godzilla vs kong Still grossed $468 million in theaters worldwide.

There is no additional information for the upcoming sequel other than Dan Stevens (beauty and the Beast) returned to the director’s chair with Adam Wingard.

While it is a long wait for the sequel, audiences have other projects from Monsterverse to look forward to. Netflix recently teased them skull island While the anime series from Brain Duffield wandavisionMatt Shuckman of Godzilla and the World’s Other Titan Creatures is currently developing the untitled series.


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