Invisible Man director Leigh Whannell tapped for Green Hornet reboot

Invisible Man director Leigh Whannell tapped for Green Hornet reboot

Universal Pictures was clearly as impressed as the rest of us on what Leigh Whannell did on her work invisible man remake, because the studio is in talks with the director as to how to deal with their other reboots Green Hornet and Bite,


Sources have told Deadline that studio executives have been meeting with the directors for the past few weeks, but as soon as Cheat Helmer threw his name in the ring. It was a largely done deal.

Universal acquired the rights green rush in 2020 and there is already a script that was written by Jurassic Park Scribe David Koep Is Ready To Go, So Will Be Eager To Bind A Director Who Turned His $7M Budget invisible man Remake into a $143M grossing film-of-the-year contender.

green rush Tells the story of newspaper publisher Britt Reed, who moonlights as a crime-fighter with his trusted partner Kato. The character first emerged on radio in the 1930s before branching out into film serials, comic books, a 1966 TV series starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee, and a mid-2011 feature film starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chow.

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green rush

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