Kate Winslet to head HBO’s trust

Kate Winslet to head HBO's trust


HBO Kate Winslet (Easttown’s Mare) for your new Ltd. Confidence Based on the novel by Hernán Diaz.

Confidence Thus “a wealthy financier who is dissatisfied with a novel based on his portrayal of his life and that of his wife, so he asks a secretary to ghost-write his memoir and set the record straight. However, the secretary looks uneasy. He becomes aware that he is rewriting history – and his wife’s place in it. Told in four different voices and styles, Confidence A narrative puzzle that overturns the perception of truth and who gets to define it. ,

HBO acquired the rights Confidence In a competitive bidding war. Diaz will executive produce the series with Winslet producing.

This will be the third time Winslet has teamed up with HBO. Mildred Pierce And Easttown’s Mare, both of which saw her win Emmy Awards for Lead Actress. She will be seen in James Cameron’s next film Avatar: The Path of Water,


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