Kim Cattrall set to play makeup mogul in ‘glamorous’ drama

Kim Cattrall Stars in Glamorous
Kim Cattrall Stars In Glamorous
Kim Cattrall to star in Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’ (Photo by Timothy Greenfield Sanders)

Kim Cattrall to star in Netflix show confirmed Attractive, a new drama set in the beauty industry. Series writer/executive producer Jordan Nardino (Star Trek: Discovery) and will introduce Cattrall as Glamorous CEO Madeline Addison.

Netflix describes Kim Cattrall’s character as “a veteran of the golden age of supermodels, the founder and CEO of the iconic boutique beauty brand that bears her name. The fast-paced executive focused on moving her business.” And Marco sees an opportunity in Mejia (Miss Benny), moves her from the makeup counter to a seat at the table, flapping wings along the way.”

Miss Benny, Zane Phillips, Jade Peyton, Michael Sue Rosen, Ayesha Harris and Graham Parkhurst are also on board as series regulars in the 10-episode first season.

Damon Wayans Jr. and Kameron Tarlow of Two Shakes Entertainment joined Nardino as executive producers. The play is a CBS Studios production.

Plot: Attractive Tells the story of Marco Mejia, a young gender non-conforming gay man whose life seems to be at a standstill until he takes a job working for legendary makeup mogul Madeline Edison. This is Marco’s first chance to find out what he wants from life, who he really is, and what it really means for him to be gay.

Glamorous Cast and Characters:

  • Miss Benny [they/them] Marco Mejia, a young gender non-conforming gay man whose life seems to be stuck until he takes a job working for Madeline.
  • zane phillips [he/him] ,heritage).
  • Jade Peyton [she/her] ,dynasty) will play “Venecia,” Madoline’s ambitious and charming first assistant, who takes newly-appointed Marco under her wing, showing her how to not only navigate the office, but also queue up Brooklyn nightlife. does.
  • Michael Sue Roseno [he/him] ,little cute things) in Glamorous by Madeline plays “Ben”, a graphic designer full of anger and opinion, who has built a wall around his heart. That is, until he meets Marco, and is inspired to step out of his comfort zone.
  • aisha harris [she/her] ,Daisy Jones and the Six) in Glamorous by Madeline plays “Britt,” a fellow graphic designer who finds her longtime crush on her colleague when they meet by surprise, uncovering a relationship that’s serious in more ways than one. it happens.
  • Graham Parkhurstow [he/him] ,Star Trek: Strange New Worlds) plays the role of “Parker”, a self-confident, self-proclaimed jock who epitomizes unattainable gay cis-male perfection. He has a chance encounter with Marco that sets the pace in the chase.

guest stars:

  • Diana Maria Riva [she/her] ,dead to me) plays “Julia”, Marco’s candid, no-nonsense mother who wants her son to fulfill his dreams of social media stardom and get a real job, which he eventually does – much to his surprise. – When he starts working for Madeline.
  • Lisa Gilroy [she/her] ,jury duty) plays “Elysses” a first-generation social media influencer who built a career in marketing and now runs all social accounts at Glamorous by Madeline, dating back to her former glory days.
  • Mark Deklin [he/him] ,good fight) plays “James,” a charming and creative but unemployed documentary filmmaker whose chance encounter with the famous Madeline Addison turns into an unlikely romance.
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