Melissa Barrera fights for survival in the trailer for Netflix’s Keep Breathing

Melissa Barrera fights for survival in the trailer for Netflix's Keep Breathing


Netflix has released a trailer and images for the upcoming survival thriller keep breathing, The series stars Scream star Melissa Barrera as Liv, the only survivor of a plane crash, who struggles to survive in the remote Canadian wilderness; See them here…


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keep breathing_season1_episode1_00_16_20_18R-600x300

keep breathing_season1_episode1_00_08_24_07-600x338

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keep breathing_season1_episode3_00_12_39_05R-600x300



keep breathing_season1_episode1_00_22_58_14R-600x299


keep breathing_season1_episode1_00_13_03_02R-600x300


After her personal plane crashes in the far Canadian frontier, lone survivor and New York lawyer, Liv must fight both an unforgivable wilderness and past personal demons to survive.

The cast includes Melissa Barrera along with Jeff Wilbush, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Austin Stowell and Florencia Lozano.

Keep Breathing is coming to Netflix on July 28.

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