Michael Douglas is a Founding Father in Franklin First-Look

Michael Douglas is a Founding Father in Franklin First-Look

Apple TV+ has released a first-look image from franklinUpcoming limited series based on book by Stacy Schiff A Great Reformation: Franklin, the Birth of France and America, which sees Michael Douglas as Founding Father Benjamin Franklin for the first time; Take a look here…


The play will trace the thrilling story of one of the greatest gamblers of Benjamin Franklin’s career. At age 70, with no diplomatic training, Franklin persuaded France – an absolute monarchy – to outlive America’s experiment in democracy. By virtue of his fame, charisma and ingenuity, Franklin outwitted British spies, French informers and hostile allies, all while engineering the Franco-American alliance of 1778 and the final peace treaty of l783 with England. The eight-year French mission stands out as Franklin’s most important service to his country, without which America would not have won the Revolution.

Joining the Cast of Michael Douglas franklin Noah is Jupp (a quiet place) as Temple Franklin, Ludivine Sagnier (lupine) as Madame Brillon, Thibault de Montalembert (call my agent!) as Vergennes, Daniel Mays (line of duty) as Edward Bancroft, Asad Bouab (call my agent!) as Beacumarchais, Eddie Marsan (ray donovan) as John Adams, Jean Balibara (Irma Wapo) as Helvetius and Theodore Pellerin (is someone inside your house) as in Lafayette.


Franklin is coming soon to Apple TV+.

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