RDX, 2 detonators recovered in Phallian Mandal Area of Jammu


During a search operation that was started when a suspicious backpack was discovered close to the police post in the Phallian Mandal area of Satwari, the police have found RDX, detonators, and one timer.

According to police sources, the bomb disposal squad (BDS) officers arrived at the scene after the search teams roped off the area after a suspicious backpack was discovered nearby.

RDX, 2 detonators recovered in Phallian Mandal Area of Jammu.

According to the police sources, “the BDS squad checked the backpack and they found 2 packets of RDX, 2 detonators, and 1 timer were recovered from it.”

They stated that additional investigation had been started after the explosives material was brought into custody.

The SSP for Jammu, Chandan Kohli, had earlier reported that late in the day, a patrolling party from Police Post Phallian Mandal of Police Station Satwari in the Jammu district had discovered a black backpack lying suspiciously next to the Police Post.

As a result, he declared that the area had been cordoned off and that a technical team had been requested to check the suspicious bag.

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