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Thirteen Lives Thai Rescue Movie
Thirteen Lives Thai Rescue Movie
Director Ron Howard on the set of ‘Thirteen Lives’ (Photo Credit: Vince Vallitutti © 2022 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc.)

MGM and Prime Video hosted virtual thirteen lives Press conference with director Ron Howard, cast and producers on June 27, 2022 in support of the film’s first trailer debut online. thirteen lives Based on the unbelievable true story of 12 young Thai soccer players and their coach after they get lost and trapped in an underground cavernous system. As each day passed, the chances of survival of the 13 people dwindled considerably.

The whole world came together to save the football team with the people of Thailand leading the rescue efforts.

During the press conference, director Ron Howard said that the film honors the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in all aspects of the rescue. Howard also teased that the film would include details that many who followed the rescue in 2018 might not have known.

Howard describes his favorite types of films with remarkable results proving that they are not just things of fiction. “When people pull together, incredible things can happen. And this is just a tremendous case study,” Howard explained. “This story is very important to Thai culture, and makes sense. [It’s] A story they should be incredibly proud of because the Thai government and Thai leadership have really made this rescue possible.”

Thirteen Lives Thai Rescue Movie
Thira ‘Om’ Jokes as Commander Keet, Poptorn ‘To’ Soonthornyanaku as Dr. Karn, Joel Edgerton as Harry Harris, Colin Farrell as John Volanthen and Viggo Mortensen as Rick Stanton in ‘Thirteen Lives’ (Photo Credit: Vince Valitutti © 2022 Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc.)

Illustration of Heroic Divers of Thai Cave Rescue

thirteen lives This is not the first film in which Viggo Mortensen played a real person and had a real person on set during the shoot. Mortensen stars as diver Rick Stanton and the real Stanton was involved in the production as an on-set technical consultant. When asked about the impact of Stanton being on set, Mortensen called it important in the matter.

“I mean, what specifically did we have to do underwater. Rick Stanton was there during the rehearsals [with] all actors; Jason [Mallison] Aya was also, you know, one of the real-life rescuers. And they helped us not only swim like them and move like them, but also stay safe,” Mortensen said. “And, you know, the way we worked as a team was, I think, what they told us, what was involved in the defense.

We actually worked as much on the water as we did under the water. And underwater, I’d say it was probably even more important because even if you’re shooting a movie, and it’s somewhat of a controlled situation, whenever you’re underwater and you’re in caves So it’s dangerous. And so we really, I think all the actors, we listened very carefully to what they were showing us, telling us, and very carefully everything they did. ,

Mortensen said: “And everyone worked hard. Everyone pulled together. […] It was a very selfless, team-oriented effort, showing the real defense. Also shooting for the film. So sometimes it felt too real. sometimes very Real. ,laugh} There were some very tight spots under the water.”

Playing diver John Volenthen was a real challenge for Colin Farrell, who admitted he’s not really a swimmer.

“They say don’t work with kids or animals… put water in that mix too,” laughed Farrell. “Something about scuba diving is that you accept the process of drowning, not the sinking. So it’s a different world beneath the surface of the water. And what Viggo was saying and what Ron touched on, me It felt like I was talking to many people in a story that was so multifaceted. [and] The respect was the same, and that was that we were telling, you know, this story of events that happened. ,

Farrell continued: “It was not about us as actors playing British divers who were there to try and rescue the day. It was really about our Thai brothers and sisters led, and the people with whom We were playing, of course, divers, and how they guided us through the actual events, and how serious it was.

But just for me, I mean, I’ve done many things through my career, but to be a part of something that was ultimately at its core — and in a time where the world is living under greater division. – It was really about different people of different nationalities, different cultural backgrounds coming together for a common purpose, and what was so awesome was… it was a great gift. It was a really great gift.”

Joel Edgerton went into the project believing he knew a lot about the story, but learned a good deal once he delved into it. thirteen lives,

“I guess that surprised me about Harry” [Harris] – And, you know, I’ve played real people before, but it’s rare that I’ve been so humbled and impressed and a little nervous about playing the role because he’s such an influential person and one in Australia too A real national hero. – Was that Harry, until the first day of rescue, and even until the second and third day, thought he was potentially participating in the deaths of the children. And it was contrary to everything he really believed in, except that he knew that if he didn’t try, there was a possibility that all the children would perish anyway.

the fact that Harry was willing to take that risk and succeeded in doing it, I found [incredible],” Edgerton said. “I found it incredibly emotional to hear some of Harry’s stories and to read his book. And, you know, as a side note, I became a father during the shoot and then it became even more [for me about] Responsibility and care of children. And to me, it felt like Harry’s beating heart and the beating heart of the story. ,

Tom Bateman, who failed to mention that he was claustrophobic during his audition, described working on the film as a dream come true.

“When I read the script, I knew about it like everyone else. I think I knew one percent of what I know now. And the thing that really blew me away and touched me was that you can’t tell the thousands of people who were involved, what detail they went into, and how generous the divers were with their time. Chris [Jewell] It took me hours and hours and hours to talk to me about what he did, and what we went through was very intense. I’ve dived before, but I’d never dive with a roof over my head and through these tunnels with a little guy tied in your hand.

It was quite astonishing. I am extremely claustrophobic so I struggle a lot every day. The last stunt dive was one of my last days – and I loved the experience, Ron, very, very much, but my gosh, I was glad to get out of it, I thought. But then, as if we needed more confirmation about it, what did these guys do, not just the divers but every single person, when we go into those caves in the set, there’s something haunting and really desperate in everything. and is more dangerous.

The design was incredible. There is constant water and we spent the entire shoot wet and cold and underwater. And you think we’re doing it in these circumstances… people are doing it, yet after all that we’ve done, I can’t believe what they did. And it’s a real honor to be a small part of their storytelling. But, my gosh, I was happy to end, yes,” Bateman said.

Ron Howard was fortunate to have several actual divers and other rescue participants involved in the production as consultants. The actors were able to work with Rick Stanton and Jason Mollison, and there was a point when Viggo Mortensen surprised Howard with a request.

“Vigo led the group and basically said, ‘We don’t want anyone else to double us up. We’re learning this and we’ll do it. We’ll work on the weekends. We’ll leave the first unit and go to the dive unit. Will go. Whatever it takes.’ and that’s all they did [because] I kind of calmed them down and said, ‘Well, to the extent we can, of course,’ but they did.

It enabled me to do photography, which was a huge challenge, cinematography in it, so fluent and so immediate because they were doing all of those squeezes and doing every one of those pressurized situations where the water The amount was getting dumped on them and with the kids and all that. ,

Howard said: “[It’s] Another example of volunteering at a level of professionalism and also for trying to fix it. And so they’re great artists,” Howard said.

thirteen lives Opens in select theaters on July 29, 2022. Will release on Prime Video on August 5, 2022.

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