Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Subterranean Homesick Aliens

Roswell New Mexico Season 4 Episode 3 Recap
roswell new mexico season 4 episode 3 recap
Nathan Dean, Riley Voelkel, Quentin Player, Lily Cowles, Heather Hemens, Jeanine Mason and Michael Vlamis in Episode 3 of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 4 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2022 The CW Network, LLC)

CW’s Roswell, New Mexico Episode three of season four opens with Bonnie and Clyde arguing about cooking a snake on fire and spending their time on Earth. Talking about Clyde’s work, Bonnie wants to take a break and enjoy herself.

Unknown in the wild pony, Dallas (Quentin Player) and Michael (Michael Vlamis) shoot pool, Alex is in serious trouble. They see Bonnie (Zoe Sipres) at the bar and Dallas takes off, while Michael goes on to provide some support to this lonely alien who appears to be drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

Bonnie doesn’t want Michael’s company, but he doesn’t yell and instead persists, finally tempting her to tell him what she’s been drinking. He plays his guitar and they discuss his love for music.

Bonnie confesses that she has no true friends; Everyone knows he’s terrible.

Bonnie can’t find references to Michael snort Or Kevin Bacon, and he uses it to try to find out more. Unfortunately, Bonnie quickly leaves before Michael can answer any personal questions.

After she leaves, Michael examines her glass and sees a lip print.

Max (Nathan Dean) is working on his abilities when Cam (Riley Voelkel) shows up in his place. He is rusty and frustrated, and now is not the time to worry about his powers. He needs them because there are three new aliens in town and Jones is haunting them from the grave.

“I have no leads and shaky hands,” says Max.

Luckily, Cam has got good news. They know who owns the stolen safety deposit box and it turns out it was Maria’s grandmother.

The #PodSquad gathers and Max tells Maria (Heather Heymens) to trigger a vision. Plus, Max has dirt from the aliens’ stolen car and hands it over for analysis. Michael suggests that Liz (Jeanine Mason) call on Eduardo to help him and he thinks it’s a good idea.

Dallas volunteers to get information from Graham on the mysterious vigil.

Michael is not convinced that the new triad is his enemy, admitting that he ran into Bonnie and she reminds him of himself. He believes she is a lost soul and suggests going in secret to be her friend. Max holds the kibosh on that idea, unwilling to play Michael. 21 Jump Street When they don’t know what the triad is doing.

Michael is furious but controls his anger when Max orders him to back up Dallas during a Graham meeting.

The #PodSquad splits up but Isobel (Lily Cowles) stops and chats with Max. He gives two VIP tickets to the wine tasting, suggesting that she can take Anatsa there to keep her from investigating.

Max and Liz head to the Deep Sky Lab and Eduardo’s super assistant provides Liz with everything she needs to analyze the mess. It turns out that the dirt has a little bit of everything, including alien DNA. But, most importantly, it contains petroleum hydrocarbons. Max has earned brownie points knowing that this is the result of oil extraction and that Roswell Oil & Gas recently had to close some derricks. This petroleum can be a source of high levels of hydrocarbons.

By the time they reach Derrick, the place is crawling with people. In this, Shivani (Rekha Sharma) and his team have defeated him. Shivani explains that she bought the place and after she leaves, Liz explains that Shivani’s company is looking for scientific anomalies.

Max is determined to worry this episode, and now he’s added to his list of things to be upset about. He is sure that Shivani’s men will acquire all the evidence they need to know about the new triad. Liz feels that Shivani can get what she wants.

Meanwhile, Maria visits Kyle (Michael Trevino) because he missed a Pod Squad meeting. She tells him he’s dating – and it’s not Isobel – and then confesses that she is experiencing side effects from the treatment. She is in pain and he gives her meds to help her, unaware that he grabbed an adreno-pen from her bag while her back was bent.

Dallas meets Graham (Peter Diseth) at Crash Down Cafe, and Michael sits at the bar and communicates telepathically with the newest member of the Pod Squad. Graham and Dallas discuss conspiracy theories and how the truth behind a lot of it when it comes to aliens.

Michael persuades Dallas to go ahead with it, while Dallas reminds him that he promised not to be a backseat driver.

Dallas is a vigilante and Graham calls it an outright fake. He then asks Graham to admit that his great-grandfather was a bank guard who had seen the present in his museum advertisement on a case kept in a safety deposit box. His great-grandfather insisted that the matter shine through.

Dallas also asked Graham to explain that the safety deposit box was not in the branch of the bank that was robbed.

After the meeting, Dallas and Michael move on to what they have learned. The two believe that Bonnie and Clyde are soon going to branch out with the shiny case and when they do, Max will catch them and throw them in Jones’ cage. It’s clear that Michael doesn’t want this, and Dallas suggests Michael go around to Max and talk to Bonnie again. Maybe he can have her on his side.

roswell new mexico season 4 episode 3 recap
Sibongile Mlambo as Antasha, Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans-Bracken, and Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 4 Episode 3 (Photo Credits: Michael Moriatis © 2022 The CW Network, LLC)

Isobel and Anatsa (Sibongile Mlambo) visit the Milky Wine Galaxy winery tasting, see Kyle and Kira (Ellen Humphries), and decide to sneak in on their date. Kyle is super uncomfortable but Isobel doesn’t hold back.

Isabel regrets her decision to make it a double date when Kira reveals she’s into insurance and that her company has been working on a recent bank robbery. This interests Anatsa and Kira is ready, willing and able to answer any questions she may have.

Kyle and Isobel try to change the subject, but Anatsa really wants answers. Kira reveals that the security footage was tampered with and that unfortunately for Isobel and Kyle, she has video on her phone. They look at it and guess whether it was manipulated. Anatsa believes that she sees Max and sends the phone to Isobel in flight.

Back at Derrick, Liz and Shivani go round the truth until Shivani finally realizes that she believes Liz has returned to Roswell because of alien activity. Shivani believes that she has found something foreign that has healing properties, and that her daughter is sick and in dire need of help. Progress is being made and Shivani confirms that she is already well versed in foreign science.

Reluctantly, Liz accepts that she is there because she finds markers similar to St. Elmo’s fire. Shivani volunteers to share all of her equipment, manpower and derrick if Liz wants to work together.

Alone, Maria injects the Adreni-Pen to try and force a vision. this does not work. As Maria throws a glass out of desperation, Dallas wanders, and Maria believes she has done something stupid. Maria confesses that she is losing her powers and does not want anyone to know, especially Isobel. She worries that she will disrupt Isobel’s life at a time when she has just reached a happy place.

Maria asks Dallas to keep it a secret from everyone and he agrees. Dallas works through the problem and they decide to locate anything useful left by his grandmother through storage. Maria gets the keys to the security deposit from two different branches of the bank.

Later, Liz suggests that Max think about Michael’s plan. It has some value and it may not be a bad idea to have Bonnie by their side. She wonders why Max is so reluctant to consider it and knows it’s not because of his ego.

Max admitted that his abilities changed when he was freed from Jones. His powers seem to have multiplied and he remembers that Jones told him that he had only scratched the surface of his potential. Max wants the triad to be closed so that he is not forced to use his newfound powers. He admits that he fears what he might do.

Liz believes she needs to figure out a way to do this without her powers. Max agrees to try things out like Michael.

It is dark when Bonnie and Clyde enter the bank in search of Box 1407. Max, Liz and Cam beat them right there and are able to lock them up while spilling gas into the safe. Bonnie opens the box and inside is a walkie-talkie. Max talks them through it and Clyde addresses him as the Sheriff’s Clone.

Max keeps talking to him to give the Alien Inhibitors time to kick in. The countdown is over, Max informs them that their powers no longer work. Before they can figure out what to do next, Michael breaks through a hole in the outer wall and helps them escape.

Michael tells them this is their chance to run and earns a punch in the face from Clyde for helping him. Bonnie pauses but eventually elopes with Clyde. However, the mission was successful as Michael did something different from Bonnie.

Kyle and Isobel have a big problem with whom to date, and Isobel eventually confesses that she is in love with Anatsa, but didn’t want to be alone with her and so infiltrates Kyle’s date. Kyle is confused and worried, and Isobel confesses that she brainwashed Anatsa to stop learning that she is an alien.

Isobel thinks he is a terrible monster for what he did and is genuinely concerned that he is like Noah. Kyle tries to convince her that he is not; She is just acting out of fear. She needs to be honest or else she will continue to sabotage her relationship with “painfully awkward double dates”.

Isobel is actually able to laugh a bit and thank Kyle, knowing full well that he is right.

Dallas and Maria investigate what they’ve got from their grandmother’s safe, but they have no idea what it is. Maria appreciates Dallas’ company and friendship, and she explains that being part of the Pod Squad has helped her understand her past.

While they talk, Maria receives a call with the news that her mother has gone missing again.

Elsewhere, Eduardo nearly runs into Teja (Brigitt Cali Canales) and jumps out of his car apologizing. She apologizes by staring at him with glowing purple eyes.

Michael is proved right when Bonnie comes to talk. They discuss not being fit and Michael even suggests that he use music to calm the chaos in his head.

Anatsa confronts Isobel over her feelings for Kyle, admitting that everything is different because she tells him she loves him. Isobel doesn’t handle it well and the relationship seems to be over – at least for now.

Liz gets an update from Shivani that the team has found a piece of alien skin. Instead of calling him back, Liz spends the night with Max enjoying quiet time. They start kissing and Liz ignores his phone when Kyle calls. He’s in Deep Sky and finds Jones’ body missing!

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