Satanic Cult Horror Inverted gets trailer and poster

Satanic Cult Horror Inverted gets trailer and poster

A poster and trailer have been released for director Tristan Clay’s ‘Grindhouse-esque’ indie horror on the contrary, Set in 1970s America, the film follows an off-the-grid satanic cult that kidnaps a group of troubled individuals in order to help them ensure victory in an unholy war that they believe. that is to come; See them here…


United States, nineteen seventies. A generational off-the-grid cult believes that Satan is returning to claim his throne. To ensure victory in an unholy war they believe is on the horizon, their leader requests more recruits.

A runaway hippie named Velvet suddenly finds himself trapped in a dilapidated house with a strange group of strangers. There she meets Frankie, a drunken man, Nancy, a drug-addicted prostitute, and Ronald, a priest who has a passion for pedophilia. They have the option of fighting to join the family or escape one of the most brutal satanic cults in the annals of American history… The Inverts.

LSD-induced initiation filters for traits that can be used to benefit the cult. Out-of-line recruits quickly become a sacrifice and what eventually becomes a battle to the death leads to a new birth of Satan.

on the contrary Stars Destiny Orndoff, Jeremy Gladden, Hannah Keeley, Jennifer Nangal, Cassie Lorre, Maria Olsen and Susan Lanier.

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