Slack Queen Sriti Slaying with the Slackline & making people Aware About the Adventure Sport

Slack Queen Sriti
Slack Queen Sriti

Few people are aware of the adventurous sport of slacklining, and those who are are subjected to ridicule for participating in such a risky activity!

It seems great that our girl is promoting it on such a large platform on national television, which may influence people’s minds.

She is being praised in the following tweets and social media posts:

She is gifted and successful, but you will not find an ounce of attitude in her demeanour; this is what makes her so lovable and unique to everyone. Sriti Jha ‘Jhalli’ in her words, she expresses who she is unfiltered. emoji for laughter

#SLACK QUEEN SRITI is Trending on twitter

Sriti’s second promo is likewise fantastic. It appears that the makers, crew, and channel are all so taken with her brilliance that they are emphasising it in her promotions. This is not a sample from Stunts; it was shot for the promo.
It conveys a lot!

The best part is that she never gave up trying and trying hard every day to master those things. I’m so proud of her today due of her hard work. Keep going, girl. SRITI, THE SLACK QUEEN

It’s incredibly admirable that she’s representing the slackline community on such a large platform because it’s one of those arts that is still not popular in India for a variety of reasons, including a lack of infrastructure, financial difficulties, and a judgmental society! KUDOS!

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