Smurfs Kart! Racing on Nintendo Switch

 Smurfs Kart!  Racing on Nintendo Switch

MicroEds and developer Eden Games have teamed up with IMPS (Smurfs World license holder) to bring out the new Smurf Racing game, Smurfs Kart!, For Nintendo Switch gamers later this year. Below is a set of screenshots showing what the game has looked like so far and it looks pretty Smurftastic.


Eden Games challenges to bring the Smurfs to life on the racetrack and is renowned for several iconic racing games including Gear.Club Unlimited, Test Drive Unlimited and V-Rally.

This upcoming dynamic racing game will feature tons of fan favorites as the Smurfs, Papa Smurf, Chef Smurf or even Smurfette as the blue and blonde bombshell, and each one with its own kart and unique racing abilities.



Players will be able to run alone in a colorful Smurf world or share in the fun and excitement with friends and family. However you enjoy racing, just make sure you come first and prove who is the best smurf racer.





Smurfs Kart! Will be coming to Nintendo Switch this winter in both digital and retail versions. Meanwhile see ‘Coming’ for more details Smurfs Kart! In the near future.

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