Students protest against shortage of staff

Students protest against shortage of staff

Ramban: Students of Government Higher Secondary School protested alleging shortage of teachers.

Students of Government Higher Secondary School gathered in large numbers in the school premises and staged a sit-in protest against the education department.

The protesting students allege that there is a shortage of staff in the school, which affects their studies.

“Our studies are getting affected due to shortage of staff in our school”, he said, adding that the matter was brought to the notice of the concerned authorities, but till date nothing has been done.

A protesting student said, “Due to the lack of teachers, the students were not able to study some subjects”, and appealed to the concerned authorities to take necessary action regarding the issue, so that the students could pursue their studies without any hindrance. to get education. ,

The protesting students said, “Five out of 14 posts were filled, but 3 were shifted without any option and only 2 out of 14 posts were filled.”

The protesting students warned to protest aggressively if the teachers did not fill the vacant posts.

The students dispersed with warnings to intensify the protest.

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