Tehsildar Bahu arrested in bribe case


The Anti-Corruption Bureau detained Tehsildar Bahu Rohit Sharma this evening while he was taking Rs 50,000 from a complainant.

For awarding fard in his favour, Sharma requested a bribe of Rs. 1 lakh from the individual.

The ACB received a report alleging that a resident of R S Pura had purchased property in City South and applied for fard in connection with the property.

Tehsildar Bahu arrested in bribe case

While the agreement called for a bribe of Rs 50,000, the tehsildar sought Rs 1 lakh. In the meantime, the complainant went to the ACB and complained about the officer for allegedly requesting a bribe.

The ACB set up a trap and invited the complainant to his office that evening.
The officer received Rs 50,000 from the complainant.

“The complainant gave the officer Rs 50,000. The ACB team, which was already present in the civics building, entered the office as soon as the Tehsildar received the bribe money, and they promptly caught the offender in the act.

He added that the ACB searched the Tehsildar’s home and office after capturing him in order to gather evidence.

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