The Cobra His Tank Comes to Hasbro’s GI Joe Classified Series Line

The Cobra His Tank Comes to Hasbro's GI Joe Classified Series Line


Hasbro fans GI Joe Classified Series The line will soon be able to take the fight to Jose with the six-inch-scale Cobra His tank, the latest project from the toy giant’s crowd-funded HasLab platform.

The HISS – a staple of Cobra’s arsenal – has already reached its minimum target of 8,000 supporters, which not only means that the $299.99 model will go into production, but with six exclusive Cobras as an Early Bird bonus. HISS strategy will also be involved. The -inch Cobra His driver is shown in a promotional image.

Check out some of the early renditions of the GI Joe classifieds series Cobra Hiss here…






The GI Joe Classifieds series is filled with iconic personalities from the epic history of the GI Joe franchise. The GI Joe Classifieds Series Cobra His Tank is the latest premium 6-inch scale toy, featuring battery-powered interior and exterior LED lighting, work wheels with moving treads, a wide-open Command cockpit interior, a gull-wing canopy, Rear cargo included. bay, articulated turret, removable engine cover details and armor plating skirt, and an extendable cockpit boarding ladder. The HISS tank also comes with a high-articulated cobra HISS driver action figure with premium deco, detailing and articulation for possiblity.

For more information, or to order yourself, visit the official HasLab page on the HasLab page Here,

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