The film got the first trailer

The film got the first trailer


Nickelodeon debuts the first trailer and a new poster for the live-action musical feature Monster High: The Movie Joe follows Claudine Wolf as she joins the school for demons and quickly makes new friends, until a devious plan to destroy Monster High threatens to reveal her true identity.

Check out the poster, trailer and official synopsis here…


Half human and half werewolf, Claudine Wolf has recently started attending Monster High, a school for monsters in all forms. After quickly befriending her classmates Frankie Stein and Dracula, Claudine feels like she’s finally found a place where she can really be herself, or so she thinks. Soon, a devious plan to destroy Monster High threatens to reveal her true identity and Claudine must learn to embrace her true demon heart before it’s too late.

Monster High: The Movie Stars Mia Harris, Ceci Balagot, Naya Damsen, Jay Prishkulnik, Kes Walker, Lena Lecompte, Justin Derrickson, Kes Walker, Kyle Selig, Marcy Tea House, Alice Lauring, Steve Valentine, Leila Fitzgerald and Nasiv Sal.

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Monster High will premiere on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ on October 6.

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