Top 10 Child Specialist in Jammu

Top 10 Child Specialist in Jammu 2023
Top 10 Child Specialist in Jammu 2023

Top 10 Child Specialist in Jammu: You should take your kid to the paediatrician on a regular basis throughout the first few years of his or her life, especially between the ages of newborn and eleven. It might be for a routine examination, immunisation, or a sudden fever or other problem.

It is critical that you choose a doctor who is available at all times. It’s also crucial that you feel at ease with the kid expert. The doctor’s expertise, qualifications, and reputation should also be taken into account. During your pregnancy, you should conduct your homework and choose a doctor for your kid. The following is a list of the top child specialists in Jammu.

Top 10 Best Child Specialists in Jammu – List 2021

If you’re expecting a kid, you should start looking for a paediatrician right away. During the first few months of your child’s existence, you will need to take him or her to the paediatrician regularly. So pick one from the list that best fits your needs.

1. Vatsalya Child Clinic

Address: 18-A Extn, near Sri Laxminanyan Mandir, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180004

Opens: 10AM Sun

Phone: 0191 243 6440

2. Dr. Lucky Gupta

Address: Basant Nagar, Sabzi Mandi, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180005

Phone: 094695 33333

3. DR Sushil Sharma Child Specialist

Address: OPP. SDERI SCHOOL BISHNAH, BISHNAH JAMMU, Jammu and Kashmir 181132

Opens: 10AM Sun

Phone: 098582 90395

4. Dr. Mahesh Gupta

Address: 654-A, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 18000

Opens: 11AM Sun

5. Dr Sunil Child Care Centre

Address: Bari Brahmana Flyover, Anand Vihar, Bari Brahmana, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 181133

Opens: 10AM Sun

Phone: 094191 23903

6. Dr. Aniece Chowdhary, ENT Adult & Child Care Clinic

Address: Residency Rd, opposite St Paul Church, Pakki Dhaki, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180001

Opens: 10AM Sun

Phone: 094191 92679

7. Child care clinic

Address: 3P, Shastri Nagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180004

Opens: 5:30PM Sun

Health and safety: Mask required 

8. Dr Ripudaman Mahajan M.D (Hom), Homoeopathic Physician Specialist

Address: 799-A-Special Last Morh, near Govt.Treasury, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180004

Opens: 9AM Mon

Phone: 070061 43367

9. Doctor Sunny Gupta

Address: Trikuta Nagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180004

Phone: 098737 47921

10. Sunil Child Care Centre

Address: Lane no 27B, near Petrol Pump, Greater Kailash, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180011

Opens: 8:30AM Mon

Health and safety: Mask required, Staff wear masks, Staff get temperature checks, Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits.

In the early years of your kid’s life, visits to the child specialist are common. It’s also more convenient if you stick with the same paediatrician until your kid is 11 years old, as the doctor will know your child’s medical history and the youngster will feel more at ease with the paediatrician.

This list of the finest child specialists in Jammu, together with their contact information, will undoubtedly assist you in locating a doctor who is appropriate for your kid’s needs.

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