Vampirella going back to the ’70s for Vampirella: Mindwarp

Vampirella going back to the '70s for Vampirella: Mindwarp

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that writer Jeff Parker and artist Benjamin Dewey are set to lead the Daughters of Draculan on their next adventure through time and space with the launch of the new series. Vampirella: Mindwarpy,


The conniving Baroness Grüzl already has her ancient crown that grants her terrifying witchcraft powers, but she’s hungry for more. She wants to live a thousand years, if not more, and everyone’s favorite immortal vampire has what she wants. How will Draculan’s daughter escape the clutches of an enemy who craves her power, her immortality, and her own flesh and blood?

Vampirella is busy concentrating on her own business through supernatural-prone New Orleans, feuding with some werewolves and catching some gumbo. Little does she know, a young man named Ren is following her at Grüzl’s behest. When his plans don’t go as expected, he becomes Vampy’s kind of vicious sidekick as she attempts to thwart Grizzle. At least until the two regain their minds back in 1969, with Vampirella in his little body and Ren in the body of his magician ally Pendragon. Could Her Boyfriend Adam Van Helsing Be Too Far?

“It’s a rare pleasure to work with Ben Davey on a book again, and then for it to be a classic” vampirella Puts it above all for me,” says Jeff Parker. “Charming monsters and mysterious weirdness is their strength, but it’s the personality they give Vampy that really makes this sing. I think readers of this story will be pleasantly surprised at where it goes. The Baroness goes a long way.” There’s the enemy who doesn’t hide his obsession with Vampy. Plus, we’re not forgetting that in addition to being a horror book, vampirella There was gothic romance back in the day too. ,





Vampirella: Mindwarp #1 will go on sale in September.

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